About Us

A glimpse at our journey so far


London, United Kingdom

Registered LTD for UK


Brooklyn, New York

Registered LLC for North America



Business unit for Australia



Business Unit for MENA Region



Regional Office for Northern Pakistan


Karachi Head Office

Initiation of core business operation

Since its inception, Trajital as a 360 degree marketing company has kept its focus on delivering excellence to all sectors of the local industry. Quality is the cornerstone of our company, our research-backed and rationale-based mode of working has given us the reputation of a new-kid-on-the-block initially.

With the help of consistency and charisma, we managed to keep the client retention rate smooth; further expanding the scope of our services, making us true partners in success with our clients. We are inclined to believe that every client/business/entity is important regardless of its size. That is precisely why we have managed to deliver success for them at every stage.

Fast-forwarding to the pandemic and our exploration of new avenues through freelancing platforms, we managed to establish great rapport with international businesses in the course of time. Testing waters in terms of work, implementing new strategies to cope up with different geographical and demographical differences to stay ahead of the curve.

We registered Trajital in the United States bearing in mind the need to keep our existing clientele in line, along with potential new clients confident about us as a legitimate entity.In the light of contemporary global business setting, we strive to provide results to every business or an entrepreneur with the best of our ability.